Ceramic. A safe choice

Sustainability & environment

Energy Efficient

Porcelain Products can reduce the amount of energy needed for heating and cooling because of its exceptional thermal mass. This helps moderate temperature swings in your home which means less work for your HVAC system and more energy savings for you.

Floor Heat Friendly

Unlike many other flooring materials, being porcelain inert, it is ideal to be used with the most modern applications of floor heating and cooling systems without causing any damage to the porcelain flooring.


Porcelain products are one of the most eco-friendly flooring options available. From the production process to the installed tiles, porcelain can in fact be reused generation after generation. In addition, packaging and boxing are both 100% recyclable for a full respect of the environment.

Plastic Free

Being composed of natural ingredients such as clays, quartz and feldspars and then fired up to 2500 F, porcelain products are 100% plastic free. This means a healthier living environment.

Safety & durability

Water Proof

Porcelain products are the perfect choice for bathrooms, mudrooms and outdoors as it is impervious, spill resistant and doesn't absorb water.

Scratch Resistant

You’ll never have to worry about your floors getting cuts and scrapes again. Naturally scratch-resistant, porcelain products continue to look good even after years of heavy traffic.

Fire Proof

Keep your family safe with porcelain products. Noncombustible, porcelain won’t burn, melt or give off toxic fumes when exposed to fire.

to Frost

No need to worry during the worst winter conditions of Snow, Ice and Salt. Porcelain products in fact are made by high density and homogenous materials, making them resistant to frost, snow, salt and ice.

Resistant to Acid (Chemicals)

Porcelain products are Inert, hard and because of their imperviousness, they withstands even the most aggressive chemical detergents.

Fade Resistant / UV Resistant

Porcelain products are fired at 2500 degrees which allows them to resist to sun light and UV rays without being effected in any way, even when exposed to the worst solar heat conditions.

Healthy space

Prevent Bacteria Growth

Unlike other flooring types, porcelain is completely inhospitable to bacteria. That means a healthier home for you and your family.

Mold and Mildew Resistance

Because they are fired at very high temperatures, porcelain products are nearly impenetrable. This keeps fine dirt particles from being lodged in their surface, making them resistant to mold and moss growth.

Zero Allergenes

With porcelain products you won't have to worry about allergies and asthma. Porcelain in fact is free of synthetic or organic materials that can cause allergies.

Zero PVC, Zero VOC & Zero Formaldehyde

Porcelain products are completely PVC and VOC (volatile organic compound) free that means a healthier home for you. Formaldehyde is known to lead to an increased incidence of asthma. Porcelain has zero formaldehyde.


Porcelain products are not only healthy and resistant, but they also don’t release any bad odors or unhealthy hazardous volatile substances.

Easy care

Stain Resistance

Messes are a part of everyday life, and your floors and walls better be able to handle them. Being impervious, porcelain does not absorb stains.

Easy to keep clean

Other than being stain resistant, porcelain products do not require any particular chemicals or equipment for ordinary maintenance. Porcelain can be easily cleaned with traditional cleaners found in most common stores.

Pet and Kids Proof

Porcelain products do not fear any "mess" caused by kids and four-legged companions.


For floors and walls

By including decorative elements, either mosaics or field tiles, any room design acquires an additional layer of expression and greater freedom of composition. Thanks to its beauty and variety of colors and sizes, porcelain is the ideal solution for decorating walls and floors of any room and ambient.

Commercial & Residential

The perfect combination of high-end aesthetic features and excellent technical performances make porcelain products the perfect solution for all use destinations, from residential to commercial, both in private and public buildings.

In & Out

Thanks to its excellent technical performance such as low water absorption and excellent breaking strength, porcelain is the ideal solution for both indoor and outdoor applications, offering a high-level design flexibility and customization and allowing designers and architects to easily transition inside design into outdoor beauty, functionality and performance.

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