Company Certifications

The Landmark production site has been built in accordance with the highest international standards of environmental protection. The constant attention to energy efficiency, recycling and re-use of various materials and the reduction of the impact on the environment is evident as the company has been awarded some of the most respected environmental certifications.

The constant attention to the production of high quality products is matched with the determination to help design create better places to live and work that are not only stunning and innovative, but also ecofriendly and suited for a greener future.


Landmark Ceramics continually monitors Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards to guarantee our products exceed the U.S. Green Building Council requirements.

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Landmark Ceramics uses Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) to share information about the life-cycle environmental impact of our products. An EPD transparently reports objective, comparable and third-party verified data about our products and services.

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The Health Product Declaration (HPD) is a report that provides health information of our products. The HPD Open Standard is a standardized specification for the accurate, reliable, and consistent reporting of product contents and associated health information for products used in the built environment.

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Green Squared

Landmark Ceramics products are Green Squared certified, allowing for easy marketplace recognition of sustainable tiles. Green Squared certification provides a smooth, clear, and responsible pathway to inclusion in green building projects, in part by conferring the high level of credibility associated with passing rigorous third-party evaluation by international certification bodies.

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WELL v2 consolidates previous iterations and pilots into a single rating system designed to accommodate all project types and sectors. There are ten concepts in WELL v2, with each concept consisting of features with distinct health intents. Features are either preconditions or optimizations. While preconditions are mandatory, Optimizations are optional pathways for projects to meet certification requirements in WELL.

By using Landmark Ceramic's porcelain tiles, you are one step closer to getting your project/building WELL Certified, advancing the health and well-being of buildings globally.

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ISO 17889

Landmark Ceramics is the first US Manufacturer to earn the ISO 17889 certification.
The standard defines an international benchmark for the sustainability of ceramic products, analyzing their entire life cycle from raw materials to disposal, even assessing parameters related to the health and safety of employees.

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The Declare label acts as a “nutrition label” to provide clear and informative information regarding contents.
When you specify one of Landmark Ceramics products, you can be assured that our product is a safe and healthy choice and it is Red List free.

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