_Landmark Design Project is the newest, unique and most distinctive concept developed by Landmark. Every Design Project takes root from the study of a prestigious and popular natural stone, widely used in North America for both indoor and outdoor applications.
The ultimate goal is to provide a deep and complete interpretation of that stone using porcelain technology. The reference stone is studied in depth in terms of colors, textures, finishes and sizes, with the ambitious goal to blend them into a complete and unique porcelain design project, able to match and exceed the design and application options offered by the natural stone.

At the same time, Landmark Design Project combines all its beauty with superior technical performances of the best porcelain.

Every design project is an integrated solution perfectly balanced to design outdoor floors and walls with a stunning and elegant total stone-effect look inspired by American premium natural stones.
All the items belonging to a Design Projects can be blended, allowing designers to adopt the same concept everywhere, boundlessly playing with different sizes, colors, finishes and creative patterns, as well as unique and eye-catching walls proposal and In&Out solutions.