Grow your business through innovation: choose brick world

04 October 2021

Brick World expresses the decorative charm of the traditional brick format and combines it with the unparalleled technical advantages of porcelain, making Landmark Ceramics' Porcelain Bricks an ideal solution for all applications where usually thin clay bricks are used.


Outstanding technical performances

Strong and durable, allowing cost saving over time. Frost and fade proof, to maintain their beauty for a long time. Impervious to salt, acids, and chemicals and resistant to stains and mold, for easy maintenance. Light weighted and easy to install for lower transportation and installation costs. 


A healthy choice

Landmark Ceramics’ Porcelain Bricks are also a safe and healthy choice because they are fire resistant and do not develop any smoke, do not contain any PVC or plastic based material, do not emit any VOC, and are both hard and impervious and therefore inhospitable to dust, mites, bacteria, fungi, mold, and other irritants.


The range

Brick world includes two different collections: London and Soho.


London provides a strong character to any environment, an authentic look characterized by a rough yet refined design and the allure of timeless tradition. Diverse shade variations achieve a unique style, bringing a sense of rich history to even the most modern setting. Urban, brave, and wavy, the surface reveals a pleasant age-old effect. Every single detail appears to transcend from the frantic city lifestyle and from the passing of time. The elegance of brick surfaces is marked by the slightly rounded borders and by a captivating graphic and color shading. 


Soho is a bright collection of elegant surfaces for contemporary living. Combining the distinctive feel of brick to the radiant vibe of modern design. A metropolitan palette for a clean, vivid look that effortlessly brings urban spaces to life. Elegant, eclectic, and different, SOHO represents porcelain tiles in small format with a great visual impact. It is for elegant and refined decorative walls.

The Smart-Corner

Brick World’s collections also include two different trim pieces that can resolve many installation challenges: the Corner and the Smart Corner.

While the Corner is a classic preassembled corner, Smart Corner is a revolutionary system designed and manufactured by Landmark Ceramics to tackle the issue of covering corners and making it easy to install Porcelain Bricks on any kind of support. Smart Corner is comprised of a two-piece set with special 45-degree miter cuts on both sides, to easily connect surfaces on any corner. Smart Corner is the ideal solution for every out-of-square wall. It is the perfect choice to work on corners, regardless of their angles, simply by opening or closing the two-piece set.

A real breakthrough in the masonry market

These are only a few of the characteristics that make Landmark Ceramic’s Porcelain Bricks a unique product, unparalleled for its ability to combine beauty, natural appeal, and technical performances. Porcelain Bricks, as shown in the table below, compared to thin clay brick, have many advantages making them an ideal solution not only for indoor, decorative walls but for all applications where usually thin clay bricks are used, both indoor and outdoor.