Porcelain Pavers for outdoors, the best solution for your patio

09 May 2022

Every outdoor space can become a green oasis and a private heaven where you can relax and enjoy yourself. Discover how to create a perfect outdoor space with porcelain pavers.


Porcelain pavers for outdoors: the relevance of choosing the right floor covering

Garden paving is all about creating walking surfaces so that you don't walk directly on the ground or grass. Paths and walkways are created to facilitate access to various points in the garden, but you can also create larger paved areas for outdoor furniture or to install a swimming pool, gazebo or veranda. Porcelain pavers for outdoors not only have an aesthetic function but also serve to organize and divide spaces. The choice of flooring is therefore one of the most important when designing or renovating a house, not only in terms of design, but also in terms of the material characteristics to meet the specific needs of each room. This is especially true for the outdoors, where flooring must necessarily have properties linked above all to resistance, and there are many options on the market including patio porcelain pavers, natural stone, wood and cotto tiles. But what are the factors that determine the choice of the right garden floor? When to choose outdoor porcelain tiles as garden pavers?

Outdoor porcelain tile pavers? All factors to consider when choosing a floor covering

In order to understand how to move around in the world of different materials, you will need to consider a number of characteristics related to their functionality and intended use. To do this, we recommend that you consider the following factors:
  • Determine whether the garden paving is intended for a light or heavy traffic area, so that you choose materials that can withstand loads well;
  • Ensure that the outdoor flooring provides you with good weather resistance;
  • Make sure your outdoor flooring also provides ample resistance to temperature changes, as it is constantly exposed to the deleterious effects of winter frost and summer heat. Also, make sure that your floor is resistant to ultraviolet rays and that the sun does not alter its color;
  • The floor must be antislip and draining, especially if it will be installed in areas that are rainy, snowy or frequented by children; 
  • Make sure that the material chosen is resistant to scratches and wear from walking on it; 
  • Consider the importance of a floor that can resist stains and mold, to allow for quick and easy cleaning;
  • Design also has a major influence on the choice of outdoor flooring. For a home with a rustic look you could choose a cotto tile, while for a more contemporary style opt for outdoor porcelain tile pavers that reproduce the design of many materials, or natural stone for a classic look;
  • Finally, we recommend that you consider the ease of installation, as some types of flooring require a lot of masonry work and complex steps to be laid.

Porcelain pavers for outdoors are the best solution for your patio

Between all the materials available for patio flooring, outdoor porcelain tile pavers are the only ones that meet all the requirements listed above and are able to guarantee maximum performance so that your outdoor area remains as beautiful as it was on the first day. The outstanding qualities of outdoor porcelain tiles as garden pavers are due to the special production technique, which involves firing a mix of natural materials such as clays, sands, quartz, kaolin and feldspar at very high temperatures. Compared to other tiles, patio porcelain pavers are denser and therefore less porous, making them more durable and better suited for heavy usage. The extremely non-porous surface allows outdoor porcelain tile pavers to be anti-slip and very resistant to stains, mold, scratches, temperature changes and all the other factors that could cause wear and tear to your patio. 
From an aesthetic point of view, outdoor porcelain tiles as garden pavers can also meet the most diverse requirements. They not only reflect the latest trends and modern styles with large-format collections and neutral colors, but also faithfully reproduce the exclusive look of wood, marble, travertine, cotto tiles, concrete and much more. It is important that the outdoor flooring is in harmony with the style of the house and the interior. The versatility of porcelain pavers for outdoors is unparalleled: you have finally found the ideal material to pave your patio, terrace, balcony, driveway or swimming pool and to give a very pleasant visual and stylistic continuity, so as to make your outdoor environments a real extension of your indoor ones.

Laying outdoor porcelain tiles as garden pavers

As we have seen, porcelain is one of the most interesting solutions for the outdoor. Practical, high-performance and stylish, the 20 mm thickness of porcelain pavers for outdoors combines aesthetic quality with high technical performance. Installation varies according to the intended use of the floor:
  • Floating installation, suitable for terraces, balconies and outdoor areas subject to pedestrian traffic;
  • Glued laying, suitable for driveways, garages, pavements, non-slip outdoor flooring, swimming pools, wellness and industrial areas;
  • Laying on grass, suitable for gardens, gazebos, driveways and pools;
  • Laying on sand and gravel, suitable for gardens, courtyards, patios, gazebos, pedestrian walkways, terraces and pools.
Patio porcelain pavers can be the ideal solution for your floor. Trust our experts to make the right choice for your needs.