Landmark's Porcelain Veneers mean superior technical advantages

14 October 2021

Landmark Porcelain Veneer Series is a versatile collection of wall surfaces for indoor and outdoor spaces. With a wide range of colors and textures that you can mix and match according to your needs, they give a new look to the American architectural tradition.

Each tile is carefully studied to provide the ideal solution for designing residential and commercial spaces of exceptional durability and superior technical performance, without giving up on beauty.

Landmark Ceramics Porcelain Veneers are suitable for a variety of applications: in outdoor environment for applications like walls, porches, swimming pools and retaining walls, as well as in elegant indoor settings, for living spaces, backsplashes, decorative walls and much more.


Porcelain veneers last forever. Combining an eye-catching look with maximum durability, they ensure a beauty that resist to any type of stress, bumps and scratches. Tiles surface offers technical superior performance under any environmental conditions, from the scorching heat to the lowest winter temperatures.


Porcelain is one of the most hygienic materials. The compact surface of porcelain veneers counters the proliferation of mold and bacteria, while the reduced space between joints prevents the accumulation of dirt. Made of natural materials only, porcelain veneers do not release substances dangerous to health into the air.


Designing an environmentally friendly space is easier with Landmark Porcelain Veneers. Manufactured without harmful materials, they are a perfect solution for surrounding nature, as well as for your family.